Privacy Policy

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This policy covers concerns of user privacy when using this website.

By continuing to use this site you agree to abide by the terms of this policy.

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GitHub Pages acts as the hosting service for and stores access logs.

These logs are not accessible to the owner of this website.

You can read GitHub’s general privacy policy by clicking here.

Links to external websites are provided with no guarantee and clicking on them is at the user’s own risk.

The website owner is not responsible for any damages incurred from visiting any external websites.

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If you have any questions on this policy, please email the owner at:


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If you are unhappy with this policy, or the way your data is used, you may make a complaint to the ICO.

You can find information on how to contact the ICO via their website here.

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Any changes to this policy will be posted to this page.

You are advised to check this page regularly to view the most recent policy.

The last change to this policy was 26/02/2023.